Upcott Farm

Our History


established in 1650, 1830 and 2005

Upcott - 'the cottage up the hill

A dwelling at Upcott has likely been here since the mid 1600's,  with parts of the farmhouse dated to around this time.  Upcott Farm at this point was a traditional Devon longhouse facing East, with human inhabitants living upstairs and animals on the ground-floor.   Little is known about this period, although it was around the 1830s that Upcott as we know today was established.   At this time, the traditional Devon longhouse was extended to the West, the 1st floor raised in height, and a new roof built, whilst the front of the house was rotated to the South to maximise the warmth of the sun.  Both these changes created the Georgian style house seen today.

At this point it is likely that the Calfshed and Lambshed were built, when the animals were moved out of the newly renovated house!  The threshing barn (on the South side of the road) has a slate plaque '"This Barn was built in 1833: Mr George Avery Proprietor. Wm and Sam Hammond Builders"; with the further addition of the stable to the West in 1915, with the shell plaque designed by 15 year old Vera Isobell Snow (VIS), who lived at Upcott with her family.   The cider press was also added at this time, adjacent to the house, along with the small Piggery (now Ben's office).  

In 2005, Ben, Sarah and Daisy (aged 1) moved to Upcott and began the long renovation journey of a classic dilapidated, unmodernised farmhouse.   Milly joined us in 2007 and Pip (the dog) in 2016.   Work began on the cottages in January 2011 and both were completed and opened in June 2012, when we welcomed our first guests.  We have tried as much as possible retain the charm and magic that we fell in love with.  Over the past 6 years we have loved hosting guests and sharing our love for the area and our journey at Upcott.    To see what our guests have said about their stay at Upcott Farm please see our Guestbook

We look forward to your stay.

Ben, Sarah, Daisy, Milly and Pip