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Elderflower cordial

upcott farm elderflower

20 flowerheads 2 oranges 2 lemons 50 grams citric acid 2lbs sugar in 3 pints water
Wash flowerheads and quarter oranges and lemons. Dissolve the sugar in the water over heat and simmer for 5 minutes. Allow to cool. Pour sugar syrup over flowerheads and oranges and lemons. Add citric acid. Stir twice a day for three days. Decant through a sieve into bottles. To serve dilute with still or sparkling water.
Crow Point
upcott farm boardwalk

upcott farm sausages

upcott farm groynes

The sun came out on Saturday so we hit the beach for sausage sandwiches and a play in the sand. Crow Point sits at the end of Saunton Sands and can be reached by car heading out of Braunton to Velator.

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Love it or hate it, Damien Hirst certainly knows how to cause a stir. The Quay restaurant is packed and the harbour is buzzing. Another great reason to head to Ilfracombe this weekend.  You can find out more information about Damien Hirst on Artsy.
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Ilfracombe to Croyde
We set off from Ilfracombe in the morning for a 12 mile walk along the coastal path taking in all of our favourite places; Ilfracombe Tunnels, Lee Bay, Bull Point, Morthoe, Barricane, Woolacombe and Putsborough beaches and finally Baggy Point. We arrived mid afternoon in Croyde in time for tea at Sandleigh.
Clara's Lemonade
Squeeze 4-5 lemons, dilute with about a litre of water, infuse with mint leaves and add sugar or honey to taste. Serve chilled from the fridge with ice cubes. Thank you Clara!
Elderflower cordial
30 elderflower heads 1 litre water 1kg sugar 2 lemons 30g citric acid Shake any bugs off the flowerheads and place in a large pot. Boil the water with the sugar and citric acid until dissolved then cool slightly and pour over the elderflowers and lemon. Leave to infuse for 3-4 days in the fridge. Strain through a cheesecloth and decant into bottles.
We love Ilfracombe
It's a bit of a guilty pleasure in these parts because for a long time Ilfracombe has had a less than glowing reputation. But it does have a good deal of charm; we love the faded architecture, the harbour and its cliff backdrop, The Quay restaurant, St Nicolas' Chapel on the hill, Tunnels beaches, the Playhut, the Landmark Theatre and Bicclescombe Park. A great place to go when it's sunny but too cold for the beach, definitely not when it's raining.